Portable HF Radios

Rugged, portable and multi-mode HF radio communications

Vertex Standard portable two way HF radios are designed for real-world operations, and are perfect for field communications when contact is a must at all times.

All two way radios offer clear communications with a built in noise blanker to improve sound performance in high noise, high interference areas. The noise blanker enhances clarity in the vicinity of vehicle engines and other RF generated noise. Some models such as the VX-1400 also include Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for voice enhancement and digital noise reduction to eliminate background noise. This allows clear message transmission and reception – essential for emergency communications where getting the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time is critical.  

Real-world HF portable two way radios

Another important feature of Vertex Standard two way radios is their large channel capacity. Store up to 512 channels in multiple groups with the flexibility of having any number of channels per group. With hundreds of channels, these two way radios are perfect for large group communications where quick and easy call management is essential.

Portable two way communications equipment

Choose the features you need to meet your specific needs. The VX-1210, for example, supports paging, SELCALL and TELCALL options for fast and flexible communications using the optional SEL-1200 unit. The VX-1700 with Dual Watch Operation allows you to operate on one channel while monitoring a separate designated channel for urgent calls. Ideal in emergencies when it’s vital calls gets through to the right people immediately.
Compact HF radio with enhanced features and flexibility
Multi-mode mobile HF radio
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