КВ радиоприемники

Надежные переносные многорежимные устройства КВ связи

All transceiver units provide flawless communication quality thanks to built a suppressor even on sites with high levels of noise and interference. Suppressor supports clarity near the engines and vehicles against other radio frequency interference. A number of models, for example, VX-1400 is also equipped with the function of digital signal processing (DSP), which improves sound quality and reduces background noise. As a result, provides a clean transmission and reception of the message, which is important when communicating in an emergency, when it all depends on the timely receipt of reliable data relevant persons.

Another important function of the transceivers of Vertex Standard - high capacity communication channels. Allowed the appointment of up to 512 channels to large groups, the number of channels per group may vary. The presence of hundreds of channels in such transceiver units makes them indispensable for communication in large groups, where quick and efficient call handling is paramount.

You can choose the characteristics that best meet your specific needs. For example, the VX-1210 series supports paging capability, as well as functions and SELCALL TELCALL for fast and flexible communication with the optional block SEL-1200. The VX-1700 Series with Dual Watch function allows you to work in one channel and parallel control another dedicated channel for emergency calls. Irreplaceable function in emergency situations where vital challenges should be immediately transferred to the responsible persons.


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