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Vertex Standard two-way radios for all markets


Connect staff across the campus with reliable voice and text communications, whether they’re working in the classroom, office or out in the grounds.

Construction & Mining..

Using Vertex Standard two way radios allows project managers to keep in constant touch with tradesmen, subcontractors and security personnel, wherever they’re working.


It’s all about managing staff across different locales and departments. From the front desk to housekeeping, from security to maintenance, you need to reach the people you need the moment you need them.


Being able to connect people in the moments that matter are key. Delivery drivers are allocated bays for unloading as soon as they arrive and spillages are cleaned up before they become hazards.

Facilities & Security..

Vertex Standard two-way radios coordinate services between your staff and keep teams on site connected. Incidents can be dealt with immediately and an effective response put into place using clear, reliable voice and text communications.


Two-way radios provide the vital link, connecting store managers with sales advisors, shopfloor staff with stock controllers, security teams with maintenance personnel.

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